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A magical world awaits at Beaming Babies where a love of literature meets multi-sensory exploration!

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Our Story
Once upon a time in a small town in South Wales, a class full of wonder and magic was born. Founded in 2018 by Kelly Jenkins, the Beaming Babies programme combines a love of children's literature and baby development through sensory experiences. After having her twins, Kelly was unable to find a baby class quite like this and made it her mission to bring it to her local area. The weekly classes feature an original Beaming Babies story which is brought to life through music, movements and props. All activities are based on research into baby development and influential learning and comfort theories and cemented with the input of a range of Early Years professionals to ensure the best health and wellbeing outcomes for every baby and caregiver who attends. Beaming Babies can now be enjoyed at several locations throughout South Wales, delivered with love by a team of dedicated and passionate class leaders. The End? Oh no, we are nowhere near the end yet. Come join us and be part of our story!
Unique Classes
The beauty of Beaming Babies is that every week is unique and is based around a different children’s story. We explore the story with the use of props, music, instruments and movement to bring the story to life and stimulate your babies senses. We aim to provide magical classes that will leave you with precious memories to treasure for life. The thing we love the most about our approach is that when it comes to children’s literature there are no boundaries to where we can go – adventure really does await!
Your Baby's Senses
When your baby is born they have over 100 billion brain cells but their learning and knowledge of the world is created through these brain cells connecting together by neural pathways. These pathways are created when your baby interacts with the world around them. Everything your baby touches, smells, sees, hears and tastes creates brand new neural pathways and helps your baby to learn about the world around them. The more variety of stimuli they are exposed to the better! This is why we ensure our classes are overflowing with sights, sounds and textures to stimulate your baby's senses and support their cognitive development.
Story Telling
Research suggests reading to babies is beneficial; it helps them to develop early speech and language skills as well as introducing them to a variety of tones, expressions and emotions. In fact, according to research by the time your baby reaches 1 year old they'll have learnt all the sounds needed to speak their native language - pretty incredible we think! Therefore, the more language they are exposed to the better. We also see the importance in embedding a love of literature from the very start; by associating books and story telling with excitement and happiness we aim to help you create life-long readers (and we think that's pretty magical!). Our Beaming Babies story books are available to buy through your class leader to enjoy at home for many years to come!
Bright colours, Bubbles and Balloons
Our classes are designed to stimulate all of your baby's senses and to do this we use a huge variety of props in structured activities as well as exploratory play. This approach ensures a balance between guided activities and giving your little ones the opportunity to learn about their environment themselves. You can expect to laugh, dance, sing and move in the stimulating but comfortable surroundings of a Beaming Babies class.
Gift Vouchers
Our gift vouchers perfect gifts for Mums and Dads to be, baby shower gifts, maternity or paternity leave gifts or a welcome to the world gift when baby is born. Our gift vouchers are well presented and allow you to give precious memories to be treasured for life. Contact us for further information.
Franchise Opportunities
We are looking for people who are passionate about babies, their development and supporting new parents on their all important journey throughout the first year of their baby's life. If this is you, and you are also incredibly hard working, committed and want to enjoy the benefits of running your own business (such as flexibility around your family and a healthy income) we encourage you to get in touch to explore the opportunity of running your own Beaming Babies business in your exclusive territory. Please email kelly@beamingbabies.co.uk and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

What do our customers say about Beaming Babies?

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I soon found out it was the best thing I could have done for her

“Being a first-time mum, I was very nervous about starting any baby groups alone, I found Beaming Babies through a friend’s Instagram and every week I watched as she posted photos of herself and her baby with the biggest smiles on their faces. So I plucked up the courage to join. Myla was only 10 weeks old so I didn’t know if she would get much out of it, but I soon found out it was the best thing I could have done for her. Kelly, my class leader, made me feel so welcome and at ease, even when we had to get up and move around the room singing with the babies, I felt so confident around her. Each week there was a new book and theme and Myla was thriving off it. She would sit still (which she never does) and listen to the story Kelly would be telling with such enthusiasm it was amazing to watch. Myla attended Kelly’s classes until she was 14 months and if we could do it all over again, we would. Kelly has given me the confidence and skills to encourage Myla to learn and have fun while we are doing it.  I can’t recommend Beaming Babies enough”

My class leader made me feel so welcome from the beginning

“I joined Beaming Babies in January 2020. I was nervous at first because I’m a first-time mum and I didn’t know anyone but Danielle, my class leader made me feel so welcome from the beginning and I’ve met some lovely mums who I now consider friends. The best part of Beaming Babies is that my son Casey learns through literature from such a young age and seeing him develop each week is amazing. We have now built reading into our bedtime routine. Danielle is a natural with the babies. She engages with them making sure she includes each and every one. Casey (and all other babies) love her! I would highly recommend joining!”

Amelie loves books and I honestly think it's because of Beaming Babies

“We first started beaming babies with Kelly when Amelie was 6 weeks old. We had the most warm welcome. I loved the concept and structure of the class straight away. Each week is a different story with appropriate props to the book. Then when it was time for me to go back to work we had to change days and that’s when we met Danielle, our new class leader. Same lovely welcome and structure. Both Kelly and Danielle are very professional and put a lot of their own hard work and time into classes. Props are immaculately clean too which was so important to me.  We have made some lovely friends and we will be sad to leave at 14 months. Amelie loves books and I honestly think it’s because of Beaming Babies. Can’t reccomend them enough. Thank You to Kelly and Danielle”

We loved them so much we had a Beaming Babies 1st birthday party

“We joined Beaming Babies when William was just a few weeks old and finished just after he was 1 year old when I returned to work. William is my second baby and I went to a lot of classes with my first and never found a class quite as unique as these. The storytelling is fantastic for both babies and the parents and I loved that each week was different. The activities are fun and educational and it was so good to meet other new parents. I particularly liked that you go through two phases – the Tiny Beamers where you get to take part in relaxation strokes at the end of the class and as the babies get older and move on to Bouncing Beamers the class becomes more lively and active. I always found activities were suited so well to William’s stage of development. I met some good friends at Beaming Babies, without whom my maternity leave might have been a little lonely. So thank you Beaming Babies! We loved them so much we had a Beaming Babies 1st birthday party for William to celebrate! I highly recommend”

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