Is a baby class franchise the right move for me?

Is a baby class franchise the right move for me?

Date: 23rd September 2021 | By: Kelly McDermott

We all know that after you have a baby your priorities in life change. Suddenly, this tiny little bundle becomes your world and wanting to be there for them as much as possible is natural. With this said, it’s no surprise that many parents look at ways to ditch the daily 9-5 job in favour of something more flexible that can work around their babies and their new lifestyle as a parent.

A franchise opportunity could be the perfect solution if you find yourself in this position, but is running a baby class franchise the right move for you? We explore some of our most frequently asked questions that we are asked when people are deciding if a baby class franchise is the right move for them.

Isn’t this a pretty big risk?

Yes, yes it a risk. Just like any other business venture whether you join a franchise or set up an independent business, there’ll be the need for an upfront investment to get you started and this presents an element of risk.

However, research by Natwest showed that a franchised business is 95% more likely to survive than starting out on your own, so the odds are stacked well in your favour by opting to join an already established business and making it your own in your chosen territory.

Will I be able to work on the days I choose?
Absolutely. We ask that you run 6 classes per week as a minimum, but you can pick the days that work best for you!

Will I get school holidays off work?

Again, yes you will! At Beaming Babies, we run throughout the school term times, but if you wanted to add extra sessions during the school holidays you can. Some of our class leaders like to boost their income by adding in extra sessions and others prefer to take well deserved time out. It’s your business and we leave that up to you!

Will there be much work for me to do outside of running the actual classes?

Yes, there will be some work to do outside of running the actual classes. This is mainly your marketing and administration work. This is where the flexibility is great because you can do this whenever and wherever you want. Some of our class leaders do their marketing and administration before and after their classes, some of them do it in the evenings once their little ones are in bed and some block out a couple of hours one morning or afternoon a week to keep on top of it. But we can help you find the way that’s right for you!

I have no experience of working with babies, will I be able to run a baby class franchise?
It really doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience of working with babies as our franchise training is very comprehensive. However, what is important is the desire and passion to work with babies and their new parents. You should be empathetic, warm, friendly, welcoming, and supportive. Combine with our expert training, all these things will make your customers fall in love with you and allow you to give them the best experience possible.

Could I make a reasonable living running a baby class franchise?

Absolutely. Our current franchise partners are all operating profitably and enjoying the rewards of their hard work. Like anything, the more you put into your business the more you will get out of it and with a generous protected territory to run your business within the sky is the limit! You also have the option to expand your team and build your profits even further, with full guidance and support from us on how to successfully manage the process.

I don’t know much about marketing a business so how will I get customers into my classes?

Please don’t worry about this! During your franchise training we cover marketing within your territory including an in-depth session all about social media and how to use this powerful tool to your advantage. We’ll also show you how to analyse where your customers come from (we use our technology for this) and therefore enabling you to maximise these avenues. Your Operations Manual is jam packed with marketing information too and don’t forget we are here to support you in this area whenever you need us. You can lean on our wealth of knowledge to help you drive customers to your classes. We can support you with ideas, copywriting and we have a bank of incredible class images ready for you to use before you’ve got your own. You’ll also benefit from our clever and innovative national marketing and PR (just ask us about our biscuit campaign, the time we were on TV or the national and regional press coverage we receive!)

I haven’t got the money to buy a franchise, is there a way around this?

There will always be an upfront investment needed when starting a business, whether you invest in a franchise or an independent set up. In the franchise world, Beaming Babies is considered as a low-cost investment. But in the real world, we know that not everyone has that kind of money readily available! We want to bring the right people on board and into our network who we can support to build a bright and happy future for themselves, and who in turn will help our brand to flourish. And we don’t want finances to be a barrier for great people. This is why we offer the option to pay just half of the upfront fee and split the rest over interest free instalments.

We know making a decision like this is not easy, but we don’t suppose anything worth having ever was? If you would like to receive our franchise prospectus or book a call in with our founder Kelly to learn more about this opportunity please email us on