Celebrating diversity, equality and inclusion at Beaming Babies…

Celebrating diversity, equality and inclusion at Beaming Babies…

Date: 1st June 2021 | By: Kelly McDermott

We are so excited about the launch of our fourth and final book today which completes our collection of 40 stories, all of which form the foundations and fun for our story and sensory based curriculum. 

At Beaming Babies, we recognise our responsibility to the parents and new babies we interact with every week because essentially, as one of our lovely customer’s recently put it, we provide “baby’s first education”. It’s important to us to make a positive impact on future generations, and this is why celebrating diversity, equality and inclusion has always been a huge focus. So, we have the relevant policies surrounding Equal Opportunities, it’s included in training and class leader onboarding and we hold positive attitudes within our culture.

Is this enough? Absolutely NOT.

It is nowhere near enough to say we are inclusive, to say we are diverse or to say we support equal opportunities. To have our policies created and neatly filed away is one thing. To make a real difference is another. 

And what better way to champion these values than through our story book range which forms the foundations of the programme? We wanted our books to reflect a strong representation of people from all sorts of different backgrounds throughout our collection of 40 stories and we feel we have achieved that through our characters and illustrations. Everyone deserves to feel accepted, and if they look at our stories and can’t identify with the magic within them, then quite frankly we think we’ve failed.

Kelly Jenkins, the creator of Beaming Babies and writer of the stories said, “The books and stories within them aim to be a celebration of everyone. Beaming Babies is a place where you are accepted, without question, and it was important to me that this is reflected in our books too. I am so proud of the programme and the way it celebrates diversity and inclusion”. 

It is particularly poignant that the final book is being released today, on June 1st, coinciding with World Pride Month running throughout June as we are delighted to feature our first same sex family in our story, “Anna’s Birthday Party”. In 2021, there are all kinds of different types of families and households, and we believe awareness that not every child your child will meet will be part of a “Mum, Dad and siblings” type household is important to lay the foundations for a more open-minded society. We also know that our customers reflect our beliefs too, with one of our most liked Instagram posts being a post about teaching our babies to love other babies regardless of their background.

We believe this ethos, awareness and education should be instilled from the very beginning of life to give a well-balanced view of the world we live in. This is why we are proud to deliver our content to babies and new parents with the aim of creating a brighter and more accepting future for our next generations!

The Beaming Babies Collection – Book Four contains 10 delightful and simple rhyming stories for babies from birth to around 4 years old and is available to buy now at discounted launch price of £12 including free delivery. To purchase this book, please email hello@beamingbabies.co.uk stating your order and delivery address.