Coming Out Of Lockdown: New Mums and Babies

Coming Out Of Lockdown: New Mums and Babies

Date: 20th April 2021 | By: Kelly McDermott

New mums and babies have been on an incomparable journey throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Lone ante-natal appointments, digital baby showers, omission of the usual support networks, a sense of loss over the ‘normal’ maternity leave activities. As we see restrictions lift across the UK, it’s easy to understand why emotions may be running high. Beaming Babies, who provide original story and sensory classes for babies during their first year, conducted a survey which showed that 74% of respondents feel excited to come out of lockdown, while a significant 26% are feeling anxious.

Kelly Jenkins, founder of Beaming Babies said, “Although excitement may be the overarching feeling for lots of mums, we must recognise that feelings of anxiety are also completely normal after such a long time being told to stay at home and we strongly encourage anyone feeling this way to seek support from a GP, Health Visitor or Midwife”. In the meantime, Beaming Babies have put together their top five tips for mums and babies coming out of lockdown, with a fundamental focus on empowerment and really doing what is right for you and your baby.

  1. Be honest about how you’re feeling with yourself and your loved ones. We are sure there’ll be a whole host of family and friends who can’t wait to meet your baby when they are finally allowed. But don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with. Perhaps you’re not ready to be around a group of people yet or wanting to pass your baby around for cuddles. Be honest about your boundaries and this will allow you to enjoy the experience of introducing your baby to the world even more.
  2. With the lack of opportunities to meet new mums over recent months we understand there is an overwhelming sense of isolation right now. With baby classes and groups now beginning to reopen, you may find accessing these a great way to build a whole new support network as you get to meet other new mums who have been through this incredibly unique experience – just like you.
  3. In total contradiction to the point above, we want you to remember this. Just because it’s open, doesn’t mean you have to go! If going to baby classes or groups seems like something that is way out of comfort zone right now, don’t be pressurised into going to one. Stick to doing what you feel is safe and comfortable and for you and your baby.
  4. Babies thrive on routine and it can take a lot of trial and error to find the groove that works for you both. If you have found a routine that is working well for you and your baby while you’ve been at home, don’t feel pressured to change things for any social invites that may start cropping up. Keep doing what works for you and your baby. Everyone else will understand.
  5. The situation we find ourselves in is extraordinary and the usual joyful things that new mums have previously taken for granted have in many cases been taken away. We want to reiterate that help is available. Reach out to your GP, Health Visitor or Midwife if you need support.

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