Beaming Babies at Home: Sam and Joshua’s Experience!

Beaming Babies at Home: Sam and Joshua’s Experience!

Date: 31st January 2021 | By: Kelly McDermott

Since lockdown restrictions have prevented us from running our classes at our usual venues we made the swap to delivering them virtually through our online programme Beaming Babies at Home. Our class leaders rallied together to get sensory kits out to hundreds of parents and their babies throughout South Wales to give them a core set of resources to use whilst enjoying our classes from the comfort and safety of their homes.

We caught up (virtually!) with one of our families, Mum Sam, and her baby Joshua who have been attending Beaming Babies at Home since the start of the year. Sam is a Mum of 3 children, Sofia (7), Max (4) and baby Joshua (3 months old) so we were so grateful she was able to take the time to talk to us about her experience with Beaming Babies at Home so far.


First and most importantly, how are you and your family doing at this time?

We are doing ok; some days are better than others! Although juggling home schooling around a newborn baby is challenging I do really treasure this time we are having together and the experience of trying to teach the older myself.

 Josh is a joy and has fitted into our busy family well! He is quite a good sleeper at the moment, so I don’t feel very sleep deprived and I remember how much harder everything is when you’re exhausted so I am counting myself lucky at the moment. My older children have been really great with helping to entertain Josh too. I feel lucky to have a busy family to keep me entertained during this time, but we definitely have our struggles like everyone else I’m sure.


You’ve been attending Beaming Babies at Home since the start of the year, how has it fitted into your week?

It’s been such a lovely part of the week where Josh gets the attention all on him rather than just being occupied while I try and do schoolwork and housework. It gives me dedicated time each week with him. I love really focusing on giving him a great experience and I’m also learning a lot from the classes. So, even though the class is once a week we see the benefits throughout the entire week as it gives us ideas to occupy him at home. I can repeat things we have done in class, so I know we are engaging him and supporting his development.


What has been your highlight of Beaming Babies at Home so far?

 The highlight was definitely space week. It’s a topic that my older daughter is currently studying in school so it was lovely to have a class related to that for Josh because she joined in with a doll and was able to tell her teacher all about it. We loved the activities for that week too, particularly the ‘Wibble, wobble, jelly’. This was a new experience for Josh, and he loved it! The sensory kit that came with the booking has also been fantastic. The equipment you get is lovely, and we use it throughout the week – Josh particularly enjoys the colourful ribbons and the noisy eggs! I’ve also discovered brand new ways to stimulate him – despite this being my third baby I had never thought about stimulating his sense of smell before. So now when I am cooking dinner, I give him little whiffs of the ingredients I’m using such as fresh herbs – he absolutely loved this experience during the only class, and it is so easy to do at home too.


Would you recommend Beaming Babies at Home to a friend?

 I would definitely recommend Beaming Babies at Home to a friend; in fact, I already have. When we are out on our daily exercise I often bump into people with their prams so I actively tell them about the online classes offered by Beaming Babies and how great they are. I know how difficult the situation is right now so the more people I can share this with the better.

The classes are just lovely in that you can see how stimulating the activities are for the babies and the fact they are centred around a story is even better. We bought the Beaming Babies book so we could retell the stories at home. Our class leader Kelly puts so much effort and thought into the activities and explains them so well with the benefits for your baby – in a way I have never experienced in any other baby class. So yes, I would highly recommend Beaming Babies at Home!


We’d like to thank Sam for taking the time to share her experiences with us. We are humbled to hear such positive feedback about Beaming Babies at home.

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