Entertaining your baby whilst we are spending more time at home!

Entertaining your baby whilst we are spending more time at home!

Date: 31st December 2020 | By: Kelly McDermott

If you’re spending a lot of time at home with your baby at the moment, we know it can be hard. It isn’t easy to entertain your baby and the days can be long, not to mention tiring and even a little bit lonely. Although there is no need to put pressure on yourself, we have put together some simple at home activities for you and your baby to enjoy together which will keep them entertained and engaged as well as boosting their natural development.

Jelly play – Spread some jelly on a bowl, plate or tray and let your baby explore and get messy! Your baby will experience a sensory overload as they feel that cold squidgy texture on their skin, smell the fruity scent, see the wibbly wobbly movements, hear the squelching sound and even a taste if you wish. Your baby should be closely supervised at all times during an activity like this for their safety.

Dancing – Pop some music on and dance with your baby. You can pick your favourite songs; they won’t mind what you dance to. They’ll enjoy the sound of your voice and the movements, the smiles, the giggles and knowing that this time is all about them as you shower them with your attention. And what’s more, dancing releases the hormone endorphins which make you feel happy, glowy and uplifted – win, win!

Storytime – This is our favourite of course! Get some of your favourite books, a blanket and cuddle up on the sofa or in bed and read to your baby. When you read point to the pictures, repeat things and add in your own questions about the story and pictures such as “Do you like that flower? I do, I think it’s beautiful like you!” Text related talk will enhance the story time for your baby!

Taste safe paint – You can make taste safe paint with yoghurt and a little food colouring (or you could blend fruit such as blueberries or mango for bright natural colouring). Let your little artist explore the paint with a paint brush, sponge or their fingertips to make their first marks on paper!

Singing – Choose some action songs that you can sing to your baby and perform the actions for them too. Some of our favourites include the wheels on the bus, row, row, row your boat and wind the bobbin up. If you’re not familiar with them, have a little look on Youtube. Your baby will love to see your performance and will try to join in when they can!

Online Baby Classes – If you are in an area of the UK where baby classes are unable to run in face-to-face venues you may find that your local class leaders are running online classes. These are a great alternative to going out to classes during restriction periods as they provide you with something regular to look forward, a little structure to your day, the opportunity to chat virtually with your class leader and others plus all of the class fun! Get in touch with us on our contact page if you would like help locating an online class that is just right for you and your baby.

If you try any of these activities, we hope you enjoy, and we’d certainly love to hear all about it. Tag us on social media @Beamingbabiesuk and show us what you’ve been up to!